Novel 049: Julia Cecilia Stretton, Mr. and Mrs. Asheton (1859)

Alfred Elmore, Supplication

Alfred Elmore, Supplication


A virtuous young lady marries a proud aristocrat.

Julia Cecilia Stretton (1812-1878) wrote some eleven novels in middle age, between 1855 and 1869. In this, a good style and several entertaining minor characters make up for a sometimes strained plot with a sentimental conclusion.

It is “impossible to get through its first chapter without experiencing an unwonted degree of interest which will grow” as the reader proceeds.  “The author departs...from established custom in not making marriage the climax of the story.” Spectator, November 12, 1859

"A novel of great merit, exhibitng the constructive faculty of the author in a very high degree, and written in an easy, practised style.” Observer, November 14, 1859

“Very agreeable...full of interest, and totally without...affectation.”  Literary Gazette, November 26, 1859

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