Novel 014: Julia Rattray Waddington, Janet; or, Glances at Human Nature (1839)

Frank Stone, Friendship Endangered

Frank Stone, Friendship Endangered


An unassuming, affectionate young lady is envied by her older sister

Julia Rattray Waddington (1801-1862) wrote only four novels, all between 1838 and 1842.  This one, illustrating the passion of envy, is notable for its vivid and original characters; one of the best, a middle-aged unmarried woman living in a small town, seems possibly autobiographical

It "contains passages of feeling and sparkles of humour, subdued in tone, but still true to life.” Athenaeum, January 26, 1839

"The result of watchful observation in collecting the materials, and of much care, thought, and pains, in working them up...Its merits are--a nice and miniature delineation of those persons and of that life with which the mass of novel-readers are familiar; much truthfuless of dialogue; a keen but never malicious satire...the whole being embodied in a story which sometimes runs and never drags.” Spectator, January 26, 1839

“The story is made up of such incidents and feelings as characterize every-day life....There are abundant proofs that the writer is a close observer of mankind and manners, habitually reflective, and a good natured satirist.  The dialogue is often particularly clever and effective.”Monthly Review, February, 1830

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