Novel 095: Mrs. A.B. Church, Measure for Measure (1862)

Edward John Poynter, A Day Dream

Edward John Poynter, A Day Dream


A young lady is tormented by a secret sorrow.

About Mrs. A.B. Church nothing is known except that she wrote four novels between 1860 and 1881, of which this is the second.  The arbitrary mystification at the beginning is a bit annoying, but the novel improves greatly as it goes on; the portrait of the villain who appears in the latter half is especially good.

“Without being a striking story, ‘Measure for Measure’ is pleasing and interesting, and there is a refinement about the author’s style which might recommend an even less remarkable production.” Morning Post, September 3, 1862

“This is a novel with a clever plot, skilfully and lightly telling its tale through the sort of conversation that a woman finds and makes . . . when she forms part of society in an English village near a small country town.” Examiner, September 6, 1862

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